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Valerie Burroughs, aka Val and Valerie B, was born in
​Atlanta, Georgia and was a "Grady Baby".  Her love for veggies started at an early age and while in grade school, she started her very own vegetable garden.  Now, as a seasoned adult, Val is pleased to offer five different flavors of dehydrated kale chips with more on the way. The divine flavors are Original, Spicy Curry, Ginger Spice, Garlic and Sweet Garlic. The chips are available nationwide (including Sevananda Natural Foods Market) and are known as "Val's Kale Chips". 
Val’s Kale Chips are both delicious and nutritious. All natural, raw, gluten free, and vegan, they are made with the powerhouse of organic kale and contain no fattening oils or preservatives, leaving them packed with nothing but rich flavor. The chips are dried and never fried, which allows an abundance of nutritional value and beneficial living enzymes to remain in every bite.
In addition to being a raw food chef, Valerie B is an energy healer, entrepreneur and performing artist with her CD, "New Life" currently available on Spotify, iTunes, as well as the store on this site.  She enjoys a wonderful vegan/raw food lifestyle with the ultimate goal to spread love & light wherever she goes and to whomever she meets. New Life Origins, LLC (NLO) tis he home of Val’s Kale Chips. NLO is a holistic company that focuses attention on new beginnings and new starts for your life with an aim to bring you the most innovative, healthiest and wholesome products and services available. The company was founded upon nutritious foods, energy therapy and the principles of sound through music.

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