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Welcome to New Life Origins, LLC (NLO) the home of Val’s Kale Chips. NLO is a holistic company that focuses attention on new beginnings and new starts for your life with an aim to bring you the most innovative, healthiest and wholesome products and services available. Our company is founded upon nutritious foods, energy therapy and the principles of sound through music.


At New Life Origins, it is our philosophy that if you change the way you eat, think and listen, then you change your life and grow higher and higher until you ultimately connect with your sacred self, which is the Most High God in you, and thus you live heaven on earth.


Our body, which is our sacred temple, houses our true spiritual essence or the sacred self. We at New Life Origins have come to realized that in order for our essence to vibrate to a higher consciousness as intended, we must love the Most High with Our body (nutritious foods), mind (energy therapy), and soul (sound/nature).  In doing so, we reconnect to our divine power, resonate with divine love and live a sound divine life.  Enjoy the Goodness of Life...


New Life is Yours Today!



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